This café and store was designed as a follow-on project for the client who commissioned the Moon Headquarters building in Yokohama, about 3 years earlier.

This young Japanese entrepreneur’s business has grown and diversified into several related areas, including the creation of this “Googie” styled 1950′s American diner. He wanted true, “authentic” style. Stainless steel backsplashes and stools were salvaged from Los Angeles demolition sites of old Googie buildings.

The cafe serves authentic American diner food including malted milkshakes, and burgers and fries. The attached retail outlet sells Moon of Japan products, for hot rod cars. The exterior building design was a refit of an existing shell, with stainless fins and angled roof that were meant to evoke the finned autos of the 1950′s, similarly to the headquarters building.


Yokohama, Japan