This sadly disused condominium unit had never been improved since it was built in the 1950’s. Ownership wanted a showplace unit for the building, so we were charged with modernizing the space, while making it more flexible.

An awkward dining area was converted to a second bedroom/study space with sliding glass panels to separate it when some additional privacy is needed. A very difficult and unworkably small kitchen and dining spaces resulted in our invention of a mobile table/counter surface that is topped with granite to match the kitchen counters. Mounted on an industrial dolly base with a hydraulic lift, it can be rolled, and raised or lowered to provide flexible dining space or kitchen counters. It serves both as bar area/counter space for the kitchen as well as formal dining table or poker venue when needed.  Other features include glass panel backsplashes in the kitchen, and black basalt tile in the bathroom.



800 s.f.

San Francisco, CA